Mini Carousel for Sale

Nowadays, there are more and more amusement rides produced in order to give our children a happy childhood. When kids are riding on the carousel ride, they can feel that they are riding on a real horse. How interesting the children are! During the past several years, Beston has been devoted to offering customers mini carousel for sale with economic price, accompanying with 3-9 seat.

Mini carousel for sale
Popular Mini Carousel for Sale with Cheap Price
Mini carousel ride for sale
3 Horse Mini Carousel for Kids

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Mini Carousel for Sale Around the World

In general, as for kids, they are fresh to the new world, so they are always interested in the fresh and unfamiliar thing, especially for the beautiful appearance and colorful decoration. In order to catch their eyes at their first sight, our professional designers have designed a series of lively and colorful shapes of mini carousel for sale, including ocean carousel kiddie ride and Christmas carousel. Special carousel designs and high quality have helped us to be the top carousel manufacturers in China. So far, we have built good relationship with more than 50 countries, such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, India, Korean, Indonesia, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, etc. If you have purpose of buying the mini carousel for your business or children, please contact us and we will offer you clear and direct carousel ride quotes.

Cheap mini carousel ride
BNMC-6B 6 Seat Mini Carousel


Model: BNMC-6B
Capacity: 6 seats
Voltage: AC220V
Power: 1.1KW
Diameter: 2.2m
Height: 2.83m
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Characteristics of Mini Carousel Ride for Sale

  1. Small covering space: Mini carousel ride has small space. Generally speaking, it only has 3-9 seat. Because it is a type carousel ride for kids, mini and cute design can be attractive for them.
  2. Beautiful and novel designs: The stylish and lively design can be important for a customers to choose. After all, the factor of leaving the customers deep impression is the first eye.
  3. High quality: Considering the amusement ride mini carousel for sale, we are responsible for protecting our visitors from being hurt. We have adopted the stainless steel and glass fiber as the raw material, which can ensure superior quality of products.
  4. Economic carousel price: As an experienced carousel manufacturer, we know the importance of value for money, so we offer clients economic price.
  5. Enough mini carousel for sale stock: Because we have our own carousel factory, we have prepared abundant mini carousel stock considering its great popularity.
  6. Flexible and custom specifications: The convenient factory can contribute to the custom carousel.

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Advantages of Buying Mini Carousel from Beston

  • Sending sample pictures for free: If you are interested in our mini carousel for sale, we can send you some sample pictures to you for free in order to make you have a better understanding about our products.
  • Free maintenance within half past year: The utilization of high quality raw materials can reduce your cost on repairing. Of course, there is some questions, we will offer free maintenance within half year.
  • Offering competitive price: There is no other parties between us, so you can pay less cost.
  • Deliver fast: Because Beson has own plant, there are enough stock, which ensure fast delivery.
  • Improved after-sales service: In Beston, there is the most professional after-sales service, if you have any problems, they can offer you a series of solutions.

How to Make a Mini Carousel

Beston, as one of the most professional carousel manufactures around the world, we always comply with the principle of manufacturing the green products with the non-polluted raw materials. Then how to make a mini carousel? There are some simple introduction.

  • Firstly, you need to prepare all of the pats.
  • Secondly, professional workers will install the central column on the round platform on the bottom.
  • Thirdly, the top umbrella roof is fixed with the column.
  • At last, these horses and poles are installed according to the operation methods.

If you want to have a further better understanding about the carousel installation or mini carousel for sale, please contact us. Our professional engineers will introduce for you.

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