How To Operate A Luxury Carousel Ride In An Amusement Park

Many parents like to take their children to the playground during the holidays. Small and large amusement rides such as the small carousel ride and large carousel ride in the amusement park are loved by children and adults. In order to avoid and reduce the accident of the carousel amusement rides, the safe operation of children’s carousel is particularly important. The following is a summary of the specific measures for the safe operation of luxury carousel ride:

Amusement Park Carousel Ride
Amusement Park Carousel Ride

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  1. Do a safe operation of luxury carousel. Since most of the rides on luxury carousels are children, most of the children have no awareness of active safety precautions, so we must pay attention to the safe operation of luxury carousels. Operators should remind tourists to pay attention to passengers’ instructions and safety instructions when playing, line up in order to enter the venue, obey the staff’s arrangements when riding, fasten seat belts or safety bars, and don’t take your body when the luxury carousel runs Any part of the vehicle sticks out of the cockpit. Wait until the carousel stops completely before you can disengage the seat belt and disembark. At the same time, parents need to take care of their children.
  2. Do safe operation of children’s luxury carousel before operation. Before the operation of children’s luxury carousel, the sanitation of the venue and equipment must be well done. The cleanliness and hygiene of the site can allow tourists to ride with confidence, and the benefits of children’s luxury carousel operation are self-evident. Then it is the daily maintenance of the equipment. Check every item that needs to be repaired, such as checking the reinforcement of bearings and screws, the addition of lubricating oil, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the turn horse equipment is a guarantee of profitability and safe operation.

The staff of the playground should regularly check and maintain the key parts of the equipment, check whether the lubricant should be added or replaced, whether the parts of the luxury carousel are firmly connected, whether the bearings are damaged or fall off, and whether the oil pressure and pneumatic parts are working. Normally, there is no damage to the circuit and electronic components. Spikes should not be left in all parts to avoid potential safety hazards. Some old or problematic parts should be replaced in time. Before the children’s luxury carousel is operated daily, the operator should wipe the children’s luxury carousel clean and keep the equipment clean. The specific method is to wipe it with a clean soft cloth, and use a neutral detergent to dry the dirt.

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