Kiddie Carousel for Sale

Want to buy kiddie carousel for sale for your business? Generally speaking, funny carousel is always a beautiful scenery spot in any kind of amusement areas, including the amusement park, the front gate of supermarket, residential and even the back yard for your private utilization. To be honest,the carousel with different designs is very suitable for kids. Because the speed of kiddie carousel for sale is slow, which can be safe. Therefore, the carousel can be regarded as the amusement ride for children.

Economic kiddie carousel price
BNKC-6B 6 Seat Kiddie Carousel


Model: BRMC-6A
Area:diameter 2.2m
Height: 2.8m
Speed: 1.2m/s
Power: 1.1KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 6 persons
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A Traditional Amusement Ride – Kiddie Carousel for Sale

kiddie carousel for sale is a kind of traditional and interesting entertaining game in amusement park. Also, it has other names, such as roundabout, galloper and merry go round. As we all know, there is a umbrella roof design on top and many horses fixed with the pole on the round platform.When operating, the horses move up and down rotating the pole, which can bring the kids a feeling that they are ridding on the real horse. As one of the most professional carousel ride manufacturers online, there are enough carousel reservation stock with 3-9, 12-36 seat. And Beston can offer the grand single and double decker carousel for sale with cheap price.

Cheap kiddie carousel
BNKC-16B 16 Seat Kiddie Carousel


Model: BNKC-16B
Voltage: 220/380V
Power: 3.5kw
Diameter: 6m
Height: 3m
Capacity: 16 persons
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Novel Kiddie Carousel for Sale around the World

Since our establishment, we have been innovating different types of kiddie carousel for sale. Our designers are devoted to working out a series of attractive children’s carousel. In our factory, there is the kiddie carousel show for reference, including mini carousel ride, small carousel,miniature carousel and the carousel kiddie ride coin operated.

The beautiful appearance and diversified designs have contributed to the success of the carousel for kids. Many amusement park investors are interested in the carousel kiddie ride, because they believe that they can win higher profit. Standing on the position of customers, it is worthy investing in the project indeed. During the process, children can enjoy themselves and experience the feeling of ridding on the horse. In a word, it is a treasure scenery spot to invest.

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Successful Kiddie Carousel for Sale of Beston

The kiddie carousel for sale from Beston has pretty appearance and scientific structure with best price. In amusement area, kiddie carouse is the most welcomed game. If you are looking for an appropriate kiddie carousel or other kinds of mechanical games, we – Beston can be your the most ideal partner. So far, we have expanded our factory on global and established three branch offices in Russia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Also, we have built up the world networking in Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, India, Korean, Indonesia, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, etc. All of carousel items have been recognized by global customers because of the best carousel quality and economic carousel price. If you are interested in the high profit project of kids carousel, please contact us. And we believe that you will not be regretful.

The Most Leading Kiddie Carousel Manufacturer – Beston

  1. We can offer you direct carousel ride quotes.
  2. These types of carousel items can be applied to different areas for a variety of utilization.
  3. Kids riding carousel is decorated with the novel design and graceful music.
  4. We have used the standard raw materials, which reach the national specification.
  5. You can make an carousel reservation at any moment because of convenient traffic.
  6. Funny kiddie carousel for sale can bring children happiness, and it can also exercise children.
  7. It is a kind of tool to promote the communication of parents and kids, which has been the most popular family gathering game.

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